G1 Upgrade to 1.5

I found this on a blog (somewhere). It worked perfectly for me, although the 43mb download took quite a long time - 2 hours or so.

Here is how to do it if you do the same thing I did.

  1. First, have AnyCut installed if you don't already
  2. Next, Create a new shortcut on your phone's desktop. Select "AnyCut" and then select "Activity"
  3. Select "Device Info" as your activity. I can't find any other way to get to this activity on the phone
  4. Press the new shortcut icon you have created.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and find the "Check for Updates" button. Click it. You may have to a few times for it to succeed.
  6. Once the "checkin" has succeeded, exit back to your home screen and you will be prompted to install the update.